This is Just Survival: Meet Ebenezer

Having released a string of groundbreaking bangers since his debut in September, new kid on the block Ebenezer certainly knows how to make an entrance... and he's here to stay. The Homerton-born rapper has been mastering his craft in the studio for a while and it's more than paid off, as he's become a smash hit powerhouse taking new music Spotify playlists by storm.


As a result of spending most of his childhood sharing a room with his brother, sister and cousins whilst his mother juggled multiple jobs, Ebenezer has perfected the recipe for R&B and trap in its rawest form - and his bars have bite. But the musical mastermind had already been merking behind the scenes as producer 'Long Liv The Plug', working with established names including TY Dolla $ign, Craig David and Jeremih. So was it always part of the game plan to go solo and release his own music? I caught up with him to ask about his eventful journey so far.

"I never planned on releasing my own music ever - all I cared about was the people I was making music for winning. But I had my best friends like Cesar constantly pushing me to put out songs and I was always apprehensive of how people would take to it."

"Cliché is a statement - The first line is a representation of who I am"

Ebenezer landed a well earned flip-flop deal with two major labels before releasing his debut single, but explains the original plan was to launch independently. "I was planning to release a song in January, but my managers begged me to hold off because they wanted to play it to a few people. And that’s when Tunji, who signed Bryson and Khalid, and a few others heard it… and my life changed from there."

He's already dropped a whopping five singles since his debut a few months ago, but he handpicked 'Cliché' as the lead track, explaining "Cliché is a statement. The first line is a representation of who I am."

With a sound that's unique and refreshing compared to other emerging talent in the UK right now, Ebenezer explains "although my music sounds international, my cultural references are mainly from London which you can hear throughout my songs. But I’ve always been apprehensive about how it will be received... plus, I suffer from anxiety! But I won’t give in to fear and I’ll continue to make what I believe is good music and share it with the world."

So how does it feel going from being behind the scenes in the studio to being on set in front of the camera? "Ask Around was the first video I shot with Bafic and it was so much fun - I didn’t have to act like someone I’m not or do something I’d never usually do, I just got to be myself and have fun."

Ebenezer’s latest video 'Survival' details the harsh realities of growing up in a world where fighting for survival was a lifestyle. Also directed by Bafic, the clean cut visuals follow Ebenezer through North London in the dark of the night, from shots on motorway bridges to scenes on the block; surrounded by his boys at all times. One particular shot of the gang staring intimidatingly into the camera is reminiscent of the iconic scene in Ray BLK's '5050', showing power in solidarity.

The red-tinted, deep colours cast a solemn mood over the rapper while his lyrics cut deep with hunger and desperation “I pray to God for my sins, ‘cause it’s do or die, sink or swim”.

Wasting no time, Ebenezer just released his latest joint 'F*** It' and is setting high hopes for his debut project release in February - but if this is anything to go by, there's no doubt he'll continue to exceed expectations. “Suffering from anxiety as well as the fear of being judged stopped me from living, chasing my dreams and being apologetically me, but I stopped caring and now I’m like… f*** it!”

Stream "F*** It" below:


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