Octavian’s "Hands" is the Journey of a Lifetime in Under 3 Minutes

Almost seven months since Octavian's breakthrough release "Party Here" gave London a breath of fresh air, the French born rapper has the nation under his spell. "You're gonna blow, it's just timing" was a monumental line from the single that will undoubtedly go down in history after it really did mark the beginning of Octavian's time.

Produced by J Rick and Octavian himself, the latest production to come out of the Essie Gang powerhouse is in its own league - in just two minutes and fifty seconds, "Hands" will have you deep in your feelings; going from heartbreak to anger to straight up skanking when the bass drops.

As described by Octavian himself when he thanked fans on social media for embracing the experimental release, "Hands" is a fusion of sounds, and directors Armin and Kill Farell have done a great job of mirroring that in the video. During a haunting psalm-like introduction with Octavian distantly pleading, "I can't hear you but you can hear me" and "I made this song for one reason, so you could hear it", the video fuses together solemn, slow motion clips throughout the night with powerful uses of colour and light.

Once the beat kicks in, the darker shots are blended with footage of the boys standing about in the snow and swerving cars around on solid ice before the music cuts and you hear Armin behind the camera shouting "ooooh! Oi, that was CLOSE!" as one of the cars skids to a halt, inches away from another car. (Armin later tells me is hilarious, because they actually did crash the cars after that - but it's all part of the reckless behaviour his fans find so endearing).

Recently photographed with Drake after multiple public co-signs, Octavian has continued to tease crowds with unreleased music at his live shows, including a collaboration with Croydon singer-rapper A2 which reveals his more romantic side. He will also be performing a headline show at Bussey Building on May 17th and you can join the waiting list for tickets here.

Read our full interview from January here and watch the video for “Hands” below.


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