VXMOB Didn't Come To Play

From House of Pharaohs to the A$AP Mob to the Wu-Tang Clan, everyone loves it when a group of friends come together to make bangers on bangers. More artists mean more talent, more energy and more content; and the latest collective to break onto the London scene are known as VXMob, who recently shut down the stage at The Old Blue Last for a great night with The Pit LDN.

Consisting of rappers VX Ells, VX Raf, VX Duse, VX Blackei and Raffromdaco - all between the ages of 19 and 20 - I caught up with the boys in Shoreditch to chat about their latest music video "Local" and what we can expect from them over the next few months. Watch the full interview below:

Produced by Guillermo, VXMob's latest masterpiece "Local" was recently taken to the next level with some flawless visuals. With the help of photographer and director Todd Duncan and film agency WhiteBlackFilm, the track was brought to life with camo-style, field trip footage of the boys in various settings of the countryside and more than does the track justice. An epic use of natural sunlight casts warm, hazy colours over the boys as they deliver each of their verses.

The crew are continuing to tease listeners with Soundcloud-only releases, building up plenty of hype before making their music available on global streaming platforms - and there's no doubt it'll be worth the wait.

Watch the "Local" video below:


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